Conformal Coating

Process parameters are recorded and traceable through Easy Coat® (ECXP) software running on Windows® XP operating system. Fluid and air pressure are set and monitored through software-controlled electronic regulators. A complete process history can be maintained in ECXP log files for these critical parameters.

A wide range of conformal coating process parameters can be monitored for statistical process control, including Nordson ASYMTEK's Laser Fan Width Control, Viscosity Control System, Bar Code System, and Flow Monitoring. The processes are automatically maintained within limits and process status is logged for traceability. This information can be exchanged with customer-specific Factory Information Systems (FIS).

ECXP software, together with an optional vision system, makes teaching your coating program much easier. Pattern recognition software is also available.

Productivity is maximized with ECXP software and machine design. The SL-940E conformal coating system operates at 1g peak accelerations, is capable of velocities of 1 meter per second, and can accommodate product sizes up to 500 mm.

The SL-940E and SL-941E conformal coating systems have been independently tested and certified for compliance with relevant safety standards including CE and SEMI.

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