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TruView Cube X-RayTruView™ Cube

The all new TruView™ Cube-A X-Ray Inspection System is a fully motorized radiography system developed to meet the stringent requirements of electronics assembly and component inspection. Ideal for applications where space is premium, the TruView™ Cube X-Ray sits comfortably on your laboratory bench.

The TruView™ Cube-S was designed for NDT applications and semiconductor parts counting. A large flat panel is installed right underneath the system’s platform for superb image quality.

TruView PrimeTruView™ Prime

For several years technical teams had to make a decision: to buy a large x-ray inspection system for good image quality, or to buy a benchtop x-ray system for low image quality. The Tru-View™ Prime breaks this paradigm by offering outstanding image quality in a benchtop configuration.

The TruView™ Prime is ideal for use in PCB inspection (BGA and QFN) or semiconductor failure analysis. The TruViewTM Prime S is the ideal parts counter system.

TruView Fusion CT X-RayTruView™ Fusion

The TruView™ Fusion CT is an incredible 3D x-ray
system that will allow you to take full computed tomography
images of your samples in a few minutes.
Built with patent pending algorithms and state of the
art hardware capable of absolute measurements inside
your samples, the TruView™ Fusion CT is the
3D x-ray system you’ve been waiting for!

TruView Parts Counter AITruView™ Parts Counter AI

The TruView™ Parts Counter AI is the first x-ray parts counter powered by our own custom artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Not only it makes it the fastest and most accurate x-ray parts counter fully Industry 4.0 ready, it also gives you the ability to:

  • Quality spot check with TruView™ Inspector upgrade
  • Find counterfeit components
  • Find mislabeled reels
  • Find missing components in the reel
  • Count 4 reels at a time
  • Inspect printed circuit boards
  • Exclude components that may be radiation sensitive

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