Coating Valves & Applicators

Nordson Asymtek

Nordson ASYMTEK offers a robust line of precision applicators to meet the needs of various conformal coating applications

Conexis Coating ApplicatorsConexis Coating Applicators

The Conexis Coating Applicators – which include the DD-5130 Needle Valve, the DD-5140 Narrow Beam Spray Valve, and the DD-5150 Airless Curtain Valve provide a variety of solutions to meet specific

SC-400 PreciseCoat JetSC-400 PreciseCoat Jet

Nordson ASYMTEK's SC-400 PreciseCoat® conformal coating jet takes conformal coating to a new level by leveraging our leadership in jetting technology



Select Coat ApplicatorsSelect Coat Applicator Series

The Select Coat® Applicator Series – which includes the SC-350 Select Spray and the SC-300 Multi-Mode – is a highly-versatile conformal coating applicator that supports a wide range of fluids.



SelectCoat Film Coater ApplicatorSelect Coat SC-100/SC-200 Film Coater Applicator

>Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Coat® SC-100/SC-200 film coaters provide precise non-atomized, selective application of conformal coating materials with viscosities of less than 100 centipoise.





Select Coat SC-280NSelect Coat SC-280N/SC-280C Film Coater Applicator

Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Coat® SC-280N/SC-280C film coaters provide precision and dependability to the application of conformal coating materials

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